Have you wondered why it’s been a little silent from us lately? Why there haven’t been any shows…?
Well, I think this might answer a few questions. Our dear friends at Top Dollar brought us to an old mission house at the contry-side last november for making a video, but something went terribly wrong…

Top Dollar – Script, edit and postproduction
Nicholas Wakeham – Camera
Douglas Holmquist – Sound
Nils Östlund – Extra hand
Magnus Svenningson – Great host

Brothers of End – Mount Inside LP promo from Top Dollar on Vimeo.

Finally – the search for the black gold is over! The limited vinyl edition of Mount Inside has arrived and it looks – and sounds – absolutely wonderful. Look and listen to this little sample from Top Dollar above, then order your own numbered copy (worldwide) in our little boutique: www.brothersofend.se/shop/

“…årets hittills mest bekväma popalbum, både mjukt och lagom strävt på samma gång. Som ett välansat skägg ungefär.”
Dagens Nyheter (4/5)

“Barndomskompisarna från Jönköping – Mattias Areskog, Bengt Lagerberg och Lars-Olof Johansson Ståle – är tillbaka med en skiva som doftar lika mycket nordsvensk barrskog och träskmarker som amerikanskt bibelbälte.”
Svenska Dagbladet (4/6)

“…en uppföljare som stärker Brothers of end position som något av det mest spännande på den svenska musikscenen.”
Barometern (4/5)

“Mount Inside gör ingen besviken.”
Festivalrykten, 8/10

“Med små medel, och banjo, lyckas de svenska veteranerna, medlemmar ur Cardigans bland annat, smyga fram något obestridligt vackert.”
Västerbottens-kuriren, 4/5

“Brothers of End continue on their path of understated soft-rock melancholia with their sophomore album ‘Mount inside’”
It’s a Trap!

“Skivan liknar stiliga debuten The End (2009), men med ännu vassare låtar och mer atmosfär. En viss melankoli kan inte dölja den uppenbara spelglädjen i låtar som singeln Daybreak, (Darkness Comes For Those Who) Stare At The Sun – så ska titelslipstenen dras! – och vackra Replica Of Love. Jag har redan tryckt på repeat.”
Smålandsposten, 4/5

Photo: Johan Tholson & Top Dollar

Hurray – Now our new album “Mount Inside” is released!
It’s available to download on iTunes:


(Darkness Comes For Those Who) Stare At The Sun by brothersofend

April 13 is the official release of our new album, “Mount Inside”. And to celebrate all the great reviews we’ve had so far, we would like to give you a little gift: A free download of the first single, “(Darkness comes for those who) Stare at the sun” from the album.
Feel free to share it with your friends!

This is the first song on our new album “Mount Inside”, which will be released on April 13. It’s a song without words, called “Valinge Träsk”. If you would like to pre-order your own copy of the beautiful limited vinyl edition of the album, send us a mail! (info@brothersofend.com) Photo and video by Top Dollar and Johan Tholson.

Photo: Johan Tholson & Top Dollar

This is the cover of our new album, “Mount Inside”, which will be released on April 13!

Our wonderful friends at Top Dollar and Johan Tholson took us to a tiny, cold and muddy little lake in the beech woods of Skåne early one morning, and this is how it all ended…

The album was recorded in Tambourine and Konjaga studios, 2009-2010, and we hope that you will like it as much as we do. The first single is called “Stare at the sun” and will be presented to you shortly.

“Mount Inside” will be released digitally world wide, on our own label Konjaga, in cooperation with Playground Scandinavia.

Brothers of End – “Daybreak” from Top Dollar on Vimeo.

A new year needs a new soundtrack. And in April 6, we will release a brand new album with Brothers of End, called “Mound Inside”. More about this later, but here’s a little teaser from the video to our first single, “Daybreak”. It’s a scary story, made by our beautiful friends at Top Dollar in Malmö. To be continued…


Finally – after almost a year, it’s here – the  vinyl edition of The End!

We have been waiting for this since the first day we started thinking of making a record, and it’s pure magic: The black vinyl, the beautiful artwork by Top Dollar, and the sound…

We have only made 300 copies, and every one has a number. You can order them directly from us, in our little web-shop.

Here’s a little taste of exactly how good it feels, looks and sounds… http://vimeo.com/13673161

Beats omslag liten

Our third singel – Beats For You – is now available on iTunes. It futures two remixes, by Rasmus Hägg (Studio, El Perro Del Mar) and Johan Sigerud (The Soft Eyes, my Orchard, Cougar And Snail).
As you may have seen on our facebook, we have celebrated our first recordings to the difficult second album in Tambourine Studios this week. And we promise you nothing but pure magic.
PS. If you haven’t yet seen the wonderful video by Wing-Yee Wu, please do now!

Brothers of End – Beats For You (Version by R Hägg) by Playground Music

Brothers of End – Beats For You (Johan Sigerud Remix) by Playground Music

This week we will start recording our next album in Tambourine Studios in Malmö! To celebrate this, we have a wonderful new video to show you, for our third singel – Beats For You. The video is made by the exceptional film-maker Wing-Yee Wu. If you would like to see some more of her films, go to hellowingyeewu.com
Producer: Stine Chrone Moisen
D.O.P: Andrei Bowden Schwartz
Set Design: Jason Simms
VFX: Luis De Leon/The Molecule

Watch it here:
On Vimeo
On Youtube