Great news: In March our debut album “The End” will be released in Europe!
March 1:st – France, Belgium & the Netherlands
March 19:th – Germany, Austria & Swizerland
Later this spring “The End” will also be released in Greece, Romania, South Africa & South Korea.
For more info about labels and contacts, please go here!


On February 5 we are playing at Lejonkulan at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.
Lejonkulan is a very small venue, with only 60 seats, so make sure you have a ticket!
Dramatens biljettkassa
Doors open 8 pm, show starst 9.30 and the bar is open until 1.
DJs: Tobias Fröberg & Daniel Värjö (The Concretes, Tutankamon).


Kim Wilde, NOFX, The Ark, Markus Krunegård… and Brothers of End!
We are very proud to be joining these great artists at Peace & Love festival in Borlänge this summer!
We play on July 1:st. The festival goes on between June 28 – July 3:rd.
For more info:

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Last thursday morning we went up at 3 AM, to play two songs and give an interview on Nyhetsmorgon/TV4. If you would like to see just how tired we were (I forgot to plug in my guitar cable …) or listen to when Bengt talks about his years as a bassoon-player please go to our video-section:

Here’s an acoustic live version of our first single, “Why”, recorded in our rehearsal space.
Video made by the great Johan Tholson. Enjoy!

PSL were there...

PSL were there...

Our two first live shows were just as short as they were sweet. We were a bit nervous, but agreed afterwords that we have never felt so happy on stage before. Thanks to all of you who came to listen and celebrate the release of our album!

Here’s our plans for the fall, this far:
November 5th – Nyhetsmorgon – Live/TV4
November 7th – Hornstulls Strand – Stockholm
December 2th – Pustervik/Woody West – Göteborg
December 10th – Herrgårn – Linköping (WITH TUTANKAMON)
December 11th – Debaser – Malmö

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A lot of people have said a lot of very nice things about our album “The End” (se under Press & reviews), which feels a bit unreal, but fantastic!
Professor Lagerberg is working on some translations, for those of you who can not understand swedish.
Until then, you’ll have to do with this little italian piece of review.

A few words about how it all began (in swedish…)
Interview made by Per Sinding-Larsen on SVT blogg PSL:


Dear friends, we would like to inform you that The End is very near. Since this is the title of our first record, it’s very good news. If you would like to have this slow and mellow album delivered via mail on the date of release (October 14), you can pre-order it from Bengans. If you live in Stockholm, you are more than welcome to join us on our release party on Hornstulls Strand on October 15 (se shows)!

Pre-order “The End” here

Brothers of End have visited Per Sinding-Larsen at the Swedish Television and played an acoustic version of our single “Why” in the open air with a huge tom tom…