300 fresh copies on black vinyl! Pre-order your copy today (on the shop page), delivered for Record Store Day 2015 – April 18. Or find it at your local record store.

Our new album is here!

“A low-key album, tentative, vibrant and absolutely wonderful”, writes Gaffa (5/6).
“The music sounds half-dumb and retarded. This is the spot in the gulf of paradise that the sun has never reached”, writes Håkan Engström in another very nice review in Sydsvenskan.

We hope that you will like it too. If you can’t find it in your record store you can order it directly from us by sending a mail to info(a)

We would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who made this album to something bigger than we could have created by ourselves. We are so happy and proud of your support for our music: Nina Persson, Erika Rosén, Christine Owman, Petter Lindgård, Daniel Johansson, Markus Bergqvist, Hugo Norstedt, Håkan Åkesson, Tomas Melinder, Johan Sundell, Susanna Stankiewicz, Jörgen Sjöstrand, Liza Berthelsen, Lars Arvidsson and the Swedish Arts Council.

We are extremely proud to show you this new video, featuring Nina Persson. The song is called Heat and is the second single from our third album Shakers Love, that’s released today!
Big thanks to Nina, Erika, Markus and Claes. Art & craft: Top Dollar, Tomas Melinder, Johan Sundell, Björn Wahlström, Susanna Stankiewicz. You made this dead beautiful. Cheers!!

-Soundwise this is the most flipped out track of the album, says Bengt Lagerberg, who besides drums also plays basoon on this dynamic recording, that partially sounds like a perverted outtake of T Rex ‘Get It On’
Håkan Engström tries to describe our new single “Baby Love” in Sydsvenskan:–nojen/samkorda-broder-satsar-pa-en-spelning/




Lo and behold,this is what #babylove looks like, our first single from #shakerslove!
On June 11th you will be able to hear what it sounds like too. Erika Rosén made it
very special with her highly addictiv voice, Christine Owman plays cello and Top Dollar
made the fabolous artwork. We can’thank you enough @erikadundun @christineowman @topdallas @johansundell @novemberflicka @sjostrand!

Hi there friends! On August 27 we plan to release our third album, which has the working title “Shakers Love”. A good portion of the songs are already recorded, and we have a very pleasant feeling of that this might become our best album so far! We hope to be able to give you a little taste of it soon.

“Birds” (by Neil Young) – Brothers of End from Brothers of End on Vimeo.

To celebrate the release of the new album with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, we decided to make a little tribute to Mr Young, by doing a cover of his song “Birds” from “After The Gold Rush”. We recorded it in our living room last week, really simple, with a computer and a phone as cameras, but we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Next friday (october 19) we will do our first live show in more than two years, at Teater Pero in Stockholm!
Unfortunately Bengt can’t we with us, so Lasse and me (Mattias) will do an extra-small, extra-silent and extra-fragile acoustic set, consisting mostly of new songs.
We’re looking forward to a wonderful evening at this nice venue, together with Cajsa Siik and David Hofman-Bang & The Train.
For tickets and info, go to Teater Pero.

Hi there! With the lightouse outside of our rehearsal space as our guiding star, we started working on a lot of new songs this weekend (for more pictures, go to our facebook page). We don’t know yet when we will have the time to record them, but we promise that will give you a little taste of what they sound like as soon as we have started!
PS! For those of you living in Stockholm, Lasse and Mattias will do a small acoustic show at Teater Pero at october 19. Take care!